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Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
their first job in the state. we think of ourselves as a magnet for talent of -- for our city and this region of the country. the debate amplifies our ability to be that magnate. it really does. that has been the case in debates passed for the universities that have sponsored them. >> a couple of the schools have hosted debates in the past. this is your first. did you go to the schools and seek advice about how to pull this off effectively? >> we talked to a number of them. members of our team certainly visited some of the schools to see what their preparations were like. there was certainly a lot to be learned. one of the things that was clear was that the experience of this institution is an individual one. it depends on the venue. it depends on the campus culture. leadership of those institutions was certainly very gracious in opening up to us about what it had been like. virtually all the said it is a far, far greater thing one can possibly imagines. in the course of the last few weeks we have certainly learned that. a very complex, a major event, that certainly has been a test for our te
Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
for the first time, the correct pronunciation of our fair city is boca raton though we've heard every variation as possible. right now we have friends eni joying the event through watch parties throughout palm beach county and thousands of university staff and faculty watching across campus at the red, white and blue party. i look forward to seeing them, too. there are official alumni parties around the nation and faithful international lynn alums are gathered together to witness this historic moment and the other nations our graduates call home. since it was first announced that lynn university would host a presidential debate nearly a year ago, we've representedly been asked one question, who are you? for those of you who never heard about us, you heard about our polite response, it is a t-shirt selling incredibly well with students. but if tonight is the first time you've ever heard of us and our institution, that's ok because we've been waiting for this moment for some time to tell the real story of lynn university. just 50 years young, our institution is boldly oriented to the global socie
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
and to long island and to the new york city area. in 2008, it was the first time since 1960 the debates were held in the state of new york. they are very generous. we have moved in 2008 that we wanted to do it again. i began fundraising the day after the 2008 debate. the worst that could happen is we did not need it. they are very generous. we have a debate sponsored this year funded most of our expenses. it does not come out of students' tuition dollars. >> fund-raiser -- fund-raising is a major job. this is an extra duty. >> it is an understatement. fundraising all the time. >>, you have the perspective of four years ago. what difference in terms of organization in just these four years? >> this is a different style of debate. we had a traditional debate last time around. it was the third debate. this is a town hall meeting. it is more complicated logistically. the first time around, we turned our basketball of rain into a normal-looking debate hall. this time around, we have to turn it into a town meeting hall. with the general audience being behind it. we have great people here. they wor
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
with our city and county government. i am convinced kentucky's future is better than it might at first appear because of the quality of people and their willingness cooperate and move us in the direction of common good. if i was a betting man, i would get some money on kentucky and our capacity to get this turned around at a higher rate of speed. ex-president john allen roush, thank you very much for your time and for your information -- >> president john allen roush. >> thank you for the job that you and c-span do. >> back to phone calls. we'll be here until 8:30 eastern time and then you'll get an opportunity to see inside the hall and the last half-hour of preparations. you will get an insider's view tonight on this network. lisa is watching us in ohio. the question is, does the vice presidential pick matter, and if so, why? what do you think of this year's election? >> i think the vice presidential pick matters. paul ryan is a tea party advocate. that is what has inspired me. these kids think there should be a free ride to power, they think they should not have to pay taxes. everyb
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4